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Most of our jewels are made-to-order. Some are in stock but it is very limited.
Our designs can be defined as original, unique and timeless.
Everything is handmade in Mexico



Daniela, founder and creative director of the brand, open D92 after graduating in 2015.
At first, she started by designing and creating each piece by her own. Now, she collaborates hand by hand with mexican jewelers in her hometown.
Each jewel is an extension of her imagination, wishes and dreams.
Her principal inspiration is nature but also architecture and the mix of them.
She loves to experiment with free forms. Also, some of her designs are simple and literal.

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"Tiny actions can bring remarkable changes"
We create only 92 pieces of each design, making them exclusive and truly unique. Authenticity certificate comes with your purchase.

Let's go back to the jewelry as a heritage. Pieces that travel from generation to generation.

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